What's going on?

Abitti.dev is a collection of open-source code used in components of the Abitti exam system. Abitti is similar to the digital exam environment in Finnish Matriculation Examination exams and is released with the purpose of giving the Finnish Matriculation Examination Board an opportunity to test the exam environment and to give Examination candidates and upper-secondary high schools the opportunity to become acquainted with the environment used in the high-stakes matriculation exams.

As the documentation of the source code is in English, so is this page.

Exam Engine

Somehow the HTML that the candidates see during the exams must be specified alongside with information that enables future grading of the answers. The Exam Engine is an XML-based exam specification that’s used in rendering the exams in a user friendly and accessible way for students taking the exams. By using following the specification one can create new training exams that are technically coherent with the actual Matriculation Examination exams and can be graded with the tools offered by Abitti.

Exam Engine Exam Engine

Rich Text Editor

One common thought about digital exams was that all exams can be made digital except for mathematics. The Rich Text Editor is the “answer box” used in Abitti that enables using mathematical notation and copy-and-paste math formulas. By the releasing the source-code the same solution can be used in e.g., digital learning material, online exam environments etc.

Rich Text Editor Rich Text Editor

Abitti 1 (Live)

The current Abitti version runs on Debian Linux. The test takers start their laptops from USB sticks and the servers run in a similair fashion. You can run the server as VirtualBox VM. For this, we have an end-user helper application, Naksu.

We ship two disk images, one for the server and one for the test taker. The download links and other end-user information can be found at Abitti.fi.

While Debian GNU/Linux is itself based on open source, the Abitti exam system is not. Also, the disk image contains 3rd party software with separate licenses. All end-user licenses and the record of processing activities can be found at Abitti.fi.

If you are providing applications to Abitti you might want to take a look at the instructions how to tinker Abitti Live.

DigabiOS DigabiOS

Naksu Naksu

Abitti 2

We are working with the next generation Abitti 2. It is based on kiosk-mode browser, exam and attachment pages familiar from Abitti 1, and HTML5 based applications storing files to exam-time cloud storage a.k.a. Abitti Drive.

The server runs in a Docker container and the applications are running in their own containers. For a current information concerning the application environment see the most the most up-to-date documentation we have.

Contributions to Open Source Projects

To clarify the intellectual property license granted with contributions to an open source project owned by the Finnish Matriculation Examination Board all contributers are required to agree to, sign and send us a contribution license agreement (CLA). An individual wanting to contribute should sign and send the Personal CLA to abitti.dev@ylioppilastutkinto.fi. An organisation or corporation wanting to contribute should sign and send the Corporate CLA to abitti.dev@ylioppilastutkinto.fi.


Abitti and the Abitti logo are EU trademarks registered by the Ministry of Education and Culture and governed by the Finnish Matriculation Examination Board (hereafter FMEB) under the codes 015833742 and 015838915.

We are actively protecting our trademark. If you are planning to launch a product or services related to Abitti, please take a look at our trademark policy.