What's going on?

Abitti.dev is a collection of open-source code used in components of the Abitti exam system. Abitti is similar to the digital exam environment in Finnish Matriculation Examination exams and is released with the purpose of giving the Finnish Matriculation Examination Board an opportunity to test the exam environment and to give Examination candidates and upper-secondary high schools the opportunity to become acquainted with the environment used in the high-stakes matriculation exams.

As the documentation of the source code is in English, so is this page.

Exam Engine

Somehow the HTML that the candidates see during the exams must be specified alongside with information that enables future grading of the answers. The Exam Engine is an XML-based exam specification that’s used in rendering the exams in a user friendly and accessible way for students taking the exams. By using following the specification one can create new training exams that are technically coherent with the actual Matriculation Examination exams and can be graded with the tools offered by Abitti.

Exam Engine Exam Engine

Rich Text Editor

One common thought about digital exams was that all exams can be made digital except for mathematics. The Rich Text Editor is the “answer box” used in Abitti that enables using mathematical notation and copy-and-paste math formulas. By the releasing the source-code the same solution can be used in e.g., digital learning material, online exam environments etc.

Rich Text Editor Rich Text Editor

Evolution of Abitti

ABITTI IS BORN In 2015, the Matriculation Examination Board wants to offer a possibility for the Examination candidates to get to know the new digital exam environment.
STEP BY STEP In 2016–2019, the examination becomes digital exam by exam with last exam being mathematics in spring 2019.
MEANWHILE Use of Abitti explodes. By 2019, millions of Abitti exams are held yearly, which is far more than the amount of actual Matriculation Exams.
ABITTI.DEV IS OPEN Abitti.dev sees it daylight at the end of 2019 alongside the release of the Exam Engine. Individuals, educational organisations and publishers are invited to develop components of Abitti or use its source-code in their own software.